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Vegan Dishes with Marinara Sauce

Vegan Dishes with Marinara Sauce

When you have made the decision to become vegan, there are many considerations you now must incorporate into your diet and meal planning. Not eating any animal products or bi-products is a major lifestyle change for many people and time to adjust is usually necessary.

One of the biggest worries of people interested in veganism is how they will become accustomed to eating nothing but plates of vegetables all the time. This common misconception haunts many but is an easy myth to bust. There are dozens of different vegan recipes that use meat and protein alternatives, vegan pasta, and more that take your palette far beyond just a plate of steamed veggies or a piece of fresh fruit.

Luckily, even if you are transitioning into a vegan lifestyle, the jars of marinara sauce you love will not have to be discarded or given away! Marinara sauces are often vegan and made with all-natural ingredients including tomatoes, basil, onion, garlic, and olive oil (However, be sure to read the labels!)

Top 5 Favorite Vegan Dishes with Marinara

  1. Chickpea Meatballs- You can still enjoy meatballs and marinara sauce when you are vegan by using a chickpea alternative! Use your favorite chickpea meatball recipe and serve simmering in your favorite basil marinara sauce.
  2. Vegan Eggplant Parmesan- You can easily changeup an eggplant Parmesan recipe to be vegan by using a vegan cheese alternative. Vegan cheese is available at many chain grocery stores now, especially those that have their own cheese counter! Vegan mozzarella is popular and easy to find. Use a low-sodium marinara sauce to make this vegan dish even healthier!
  3. Vegan Stuffed Shells- Shells stuffed with creamy ricotta and spinach and lathered with marinara is a staple in any pasta-loving household. You can use a vegan cheese alternative for the ricotta, or a blend of cauliflower and tofu to achieve a texture and taste like this classic Italian cheese.
  4. Lasagna Stuffed Mushrooms- These mushrooms are always a hit and bring together all the flavors of classic lasagna into the cap of a portobello mushroom. You can use your favorite vegan ricotta recipe, cooked spinach, a savory marinara, some crushed walnuts, and Italian spices to stuff your cleaned mushroom caps and achieve the ultimate vegan stuffed mushrooms.
  5. Cacciatore- The name may sound super fancy, but this delicious, vegan, Mediterranean dish is a fantastic way to use your marinara sauce in a super easy, one-pot kind of way! Cacciatore uses olives, mushrooms, lentils, carrots, peppers, and herbs with a tomato marinara sauce base to create a delicious, warm, and hearty meal.

Vegan Pasta Alternatives

There are many folks who associate marinara sauce with pasta dishes; however, unless you make pasta at home from scratch, you may not realize that pasta contains eggs which means it is not vegan. Luckily, there are many different pasta alternatives that mimic the real thing!

One great vegan substitute for pasta is noodles made from vegetables such as zucchini. White bean pasta is another great alternative that packs the extra punch of protein into your meal as well!

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