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The Capa di Roma Tomato Guide!

Blog Date: 2017-11-30
Author: aflorian

Buonasera tutti!

Ever wonder which tomatoes to use with what recipe? Or what the differences are between all the types?  We're here tonight giving you our guide to all these questions! Let's get to it!

HEIRLOOMS - Available in a wide variety of size, color and flavor, these have the most "classic" tomato taste.  Bonus: these guys cannot contain any genetically modified organisms.  This is a great type for tomato salad or caprese salad.

ROMAS - These can also be called plum tomatoes and they are perfect for sauce due to their dryness.  They have a thin skin, few seeds, and a tangy flavor.

GRAPE - Also know as mini or cherry tomatoes, these little tomatoes are very sweet and have super thin skins.  These are a great choice for salads or even as a snack food since they are very flavorful raw.  You can also sautee them with olive oil and herbs for a flavor-packed sauce.

BEEFSTEAKS - This variety is around in the late summer and are typically large and juicy.  They have a mild flavor and are the perfect T for your BLT.  Since they're so juicy, beefsteaks are best eaten raw like in salads rather than cooked.

SAN MARZANO - Though these fall under the "plum" category, they are so popular, we wanted to give them a separate mention. They are thinner and more pointed than Roma tomatoes and have a stronger and sweeter taste. These guys are amazing in sauces.

What's your favorite tomato to eat? Buon appetito!