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3 Ways to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season!

Blog Date: 2017-11-26
Author: aflorian


With Thanksgiving behind us, it officially feels like the holiday season is in full swing.  For us, that definitely translates into eating lots more delicious food, gathering with family, and maybe even feeling a little holiday stress that comes with shopping and preparing for the big days ahead.  Today we wanted to share our tips on how to stay healthy and happy throughout the holidays so you don't have to stress as much and still enjoy this exciting time of year!

1. Start the day off with warm water and lemon

The importance of this one simple practice cannot be overstated. Around the holidays specifically, we love incorporating multiple cups of this good stuff through the day to help digest those big meals.  Lemon is an alkaline food for the pH level of the blood, and lemon juice provides an amazing and easy way to give your body and alkaline boost.  Warm water is easy to process and mixed with the juice of half a lemon, you get an all natural little detox that your body needs.

2. Incorporate more raw fruits and veggies

Another easy way to offset a slightly "unhealthy" or heavy meal is to eat more raw fruits and vegetables, specifically before those big meals.  As alkaline foods, they help tremendously with digestion and provide loads of healthy fiber needed to process more complex foods.  Even just a few sticks of celery can make a great difference.

3. Get outside and breathe fresh air every day

This may sound like a cliché suggestion, but being outside and breathing fresh air is extremely beneficial on all levels.  Whether that's a workout outside, or just a short walk, nature has a way of resetting us.  Getting fresh oxygen into our lungs has countless benefits, but beyond just physically, getting outside can re-center your emotional body as well!

How do you stay healthy through the holidays?