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Why Choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Blog Date: 2017-10-05
Author: aflorian

Ciao tutti!

Do you know the reason why extra virgin olive oil is a better choice than regular olive oil? Today we wanted to explain this to you and highlight one of our best selling items— our extra virgin olive oil and why it's a great choice for our health (and taste buds)! 

EVOO is the highest quality olive oil that you can buy and is considered an unrefined oil.  This is because it is not made with any chemicals and its temperature remains unaltered in the process by which its made.  

Since extra virgin olive oil is made with very specific methods, it also has a truer olive taste and much lower levels of oleic acid- a monoumsaturated fat that's not great for our cholesterol.  Other benefits include a variety of natural vitamins and minerals naturally found in the olives themselves.

Of course you can cook with EVOO, but it has a lower smoke point (it burns at a lower temperature) than some other cooking oils.  Less expensive oils can be used in cooking or baking and you can save your great EVOO for dressings, dipping bread and more!

We care deeply about the ingredients and processes that make up Capa di Roma products and our olive oil is no different.  Our extra virgin olive oil is imported from Italy and is produced from a blend of three olives from the Puglia region of Italy.  It has a buttery taste with a peppery finish.  Try a bottle today!