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6 Things To See and Do in Cinque Terre

Blog Date: 2017-08-15
Author: aflorian


The famous Cinque Terre in the Liguria region of Italy, are a must see.  They are "five lands" or little towns that are beautiful and have even been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Today we're bringing you our list of six things to see and do in this incredible place of the world, and if you don't have plans to go yet, you may be making them soon!
  1. Explore the hiking trails! There are numerous paths and trails across all five towns, and several cross the whole coast line.  If you're inclined to be a little more active on your vacation, try one of these main trails and you'll take in some incredible views of the towns along the way.
  2. Hit the beach in Monterosso! Not all of the towns have beaches, but Monterosso's are the most famous! Grab a drink or just take a little beach break mid-hike and take in all the beauty of the sea and the colorful homes of the town.
  3. See Corniglia! This is the smallest and highest of all five villages.  In the center of all five towns, Corniglia takes 382 steps to reach from the train station, but it's worth the extra work!
  4. Take a boat tour! If you have time, seeing the coastal villages by boat is even more magnificent.  You can really take in the colors and structure of the towns from the sea and it's not very expensive to get a smaller boat and take a little ride around.
  5. Come hungry for seafood! Cinque Terre are known for their fresh seafood, so make sure you experience the culinary side of the city too and relax with a lovely dish.
  6. Make sure to see the towns by night! Cinque Terre by night is a whole other experience.  The way the lights bring out the colors of the houses and reflect of the sea is mesmerizing and worth staying out late for, don't miss it!