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7 Dishes To Make With Fresh Figs

Blog Date: 2017-08-01
Author: aflorian

Ciao tutti!

We don't know about you, but we are just mad about figs.  Here in the U.S., figs tend to be easiest to find and ripest in August and early September.  One of our favorite foods to eat is just plain, fresh figs (particuarly black mission figs), but for those desiring to do something a little more creative, there are numerous ways to incorporate this rich little fruit.  Here we have some suggestions to get you going, but don't be afraid to toss them into a number of dishes from fresh salads, to grilled meals!
  • prosciutto wrapped grilled figs - wrap fresh figs with a slice of prosciutto, secure with a toothpick, and pop on the grill!
  • fig, beet, and watermelon salad - fresh and easy to whip up!
  • white pizza with figs, carmelized onion, blue cheese and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top
  • chocolate covered fresh figs - an easy DIY dessert for home, dipping whole figs into rich, dark chocolate!
  • fig sangria - drink your figs! throw some fresh slices into the usual mix!
  • fig and rosemary chicken pizza - topped with fresh rosemary, yum!
  • roasted butternut squash and fig salad - combine over a bed of spinach.

Which is your favorite?

Buon appetito!