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8 Reasons to Enjoy More Rosemary

Blog Date: 2017-03-26
Author: aflorian

Rosemary is an herb found in a number of cuisines but has a very special and prominent place in Italian dishes.  Beyond its delicious flavor, it has a bunch of health benefits that may even inspire you to add a little extra to your next dish!  You can also use rosemary essential oil and apply it to the skin (with a carrier oil like jojoba) in order to reap many of the benefits below!
  1. It's anti-inflammatory - Rosemary contains Carnosol and Carnosic, two antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.  These compounds have been associated with reducing inflammation in joints and muscles.
  2. It can soothe your upset stomach - The anti-inflammatory and stimulant properties of rosemary allow it to help soothe indigestion and bloating.
  3. It can help your memory! Though this link is still being researched, rosemary has been known to help stimulate cognitive activity and increase inteligence and focus.  
  4. It can put you in a better mood! Inhaling the aroma of rosemary has been linked with an improved mood and a decrease in stress.  
  5. It can boost your immune system - The antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb can help fight against some diseases by backing up your immune system.
  6. It can stimulate hair growth (in oil form!) - Rosemary oil is used in holistic practices to help repair and grow strong hair.  When mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba oil, the mixture can be applied and massaged into the scalp. (Just be sure to leave it in for a few hours or overnight before rinsing out!) 
  7. It's a natural breath freshener - Like some other herbs, rosemary is an instant and natural way to freshen your breath! 
  8. It can help detox your body - Rosemary is a natural diuretic, helping your body to naturally flush toxins out of your system.
It an awesome herb (and oil) to keep around the house.  So sprinkle this tasty and healthy little guy on your dinner tonight and enjoy!