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The Home of Balsamic Vinegar: Modena

Blog Date: 2017-03-17
Author: aflorian

One of our favorite ingredients here at Capa di Roma is balsamic vinegar.  We already know that there are a number of ways to enjoy it, but we seldom think about where it's from.  There's no higher quality balsamic vinegar than one imported from this historical Italian city, so let's get to know Modena a bit!
  • Modena is found in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy on the Panaro River.
  • In 183 BC, the Roman colony of Mutina was founded (present day Modena).  Mutina was founded as part of the Roman expansion north and served as part of the via Emilia, the route from Rimini to Piacenza.
  • Balsamic vinegar has been produced there since the middle ages.  
  • Other culinary highlights of Modena include Vignola cherries, Modenese Ham and Nocino, a liquor made walnut husks.
  • The Duomo of Modena, begun in 1099 and completed in 1319, is dedicated to St. Germain. Due to its Gothic architecture, it has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Modena is famous for its automotive industry.  There are Ferrari, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Maserati factories in the city.  The 360 Modena, a Ferrari model, was named after the city.
We hope you learned a little bit about this fascinating city today! Like any traditional, delicious balsamic vinegar, ours is imported from Modena.  Get yours today!

The duomo of Modena.