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4 Reasons to Enjoy a Glass of Red Wine Tonight

Blog Date: 2017-03-04
Author: aflorian

As if we needed another reason to have a glass of wine.  

As many of us may know, in moderation, there are some awesome health benefits to extract from red wine as it even has a place in the Mediterranean Diet. Though the suggested amount for reaping the following benefits varies based on several factors, the general amount for women is no more than 5 fluid ounces per day and for men two glasses per day.
  •  The tannins in red wine contain procyanidins which have been known to protect against heart disease and stroke. The resveratrol in wine has blood clot fighting properities, helping to fight coronary disease and stroke.
  • Reserveratrol also has been linked to fighting Alzheimer's Disease as it protects against cell damage and mental decline.
  • According to the American Cancer Society, the antioxidant quercetin works against cancer cells. It induces natural cell death in certain cancers.
  • Tempranillo red grapes (found in certain red wines like Rioja) have been proven to lower cholesterol.
So next time you are enjoying a glass of wine with dinner you can keep in mind that you may be doing your body a favor too!